Amsterdam calling

A couple of weeks ago we hopped on the train to Amsterdam for a three night stay to hang out with our dear friend Z. It was a bit nerve racking as we weren't sure if we would make it; Oomoo had come down with chicken pox just a few days before and the hubby had an almighty jet lag. Luckily Oomoo got well in time for our departure, so off we went. I've just recently got a new DSLR camera, so it was a good place to try it out. These pics are all from our first day there; we dropped our bags off in the flat we were staying in and then immediately hired bikes (a must!). Within an hour of arriving Oomoo said "Why can't we move to this country?". And I must say something kinda clicked this third time round in Amsterdam. I actually started day dreaming about living there too. It's such a beautiful city and the tempo of life is so much slower than here, no one is in a rush and everyone is pootling along nicely on their bikes. Anyway, we rode ours to Vondelpark and had a bit of a play, and then got caught in an almighty downpour and all arrived drenched at Z's flat (pics 5-8), and Oomoo got to help feed Duana the tortoise! I have a feeling that his memories from the trip will stay with him for a long time - we can't wait to go back. More pics to come and happy long weekend to yous!


Wiped out

Yo. Sorry about the radio silence. My man has been working abroad for the last couple of weeks, so it's just been me and the Oomster - which in turn means I don't really have the time or the energy to be anything more than "mamma". Hopefully everything will return back to normal at the end of next week. Thank you so much for your blog birthday wishes peeps, so nice to hear from you. See you soon innit.


He's been at it again

I think I know what to do with my Canon 400D when I upgrade to a full frame camera - I'll give it to Oomoo! He took these with it, and even though it's pretty heavy and bulky for his small hands, he was still happy walking around Southbank for ages with it around his neck and snapping away. I've had to fight my instincts of wanting to straighten these before I put them up, but I've left them framed as he took them. See the man in the hat in the third picture? There was such a great moment when Oomoo spotted him, you could tell he'd seen something that would have been a good picture, but the man spotted him too and quickly started walking away, hence the back shot. I hope I'm passing on the joy of photography to my son, just like my god father passed it on to me when I was a kid. I'm eternally grateful for being introduced to it at such a young age; and to think that Oomoo is six years younger than I was when I started… who knows what kind of eye he'll develop?

On another note: the blog is six years old today. Hipp hipp! I didn't really have a plan about what I wanted this place to be when I started it, more than I wanted to make sure I took pictures more regurlarly. I never imagined that six years down the line I'd be posting pictures that my son (who wasn't even born then) had taken. Funny how life goes. I'm so glad to still have this space, and that I still enjoy putting posts together, all 862 of them. Thank you so much for stopping by over the years and for your continued support - here's hoping there'll be at least another six years to come!


From the V to the A

Last Saturday we went to two museums; the V&A in the morning and the Science Museum in the afternoon. As you can imagine we were all pretty wiped out afterwards! Never the less, the V&A is a new favourite of ours, as kids can pick up adventure packs with different themes (we chose animals and then the Middle Ages) and walk around the galleries on a mission to find specific things. AND it's not packed like all other museums are on a weekend. I'll miss our quiet weekdays (when London is quiet and not as crowded) once Oomoo starts school (!) in September. From then on we'll be packed in like sardines with everyone else, trying to enjoy what this amazing city has to offer. Until then we have to make the most of it. Happy (busy or quiet) weekend!


No jackets required

We got a taste of spring this weekend with lots of sun and warmer temperatures. Our friends who came over to visit from Stockholm couldn't have picked a better one. More pics from those days to come.


Searching in the dark

If you're in London, or coming here in the spring, you should head to the Barbican Curve Gallery and check out the latest installation there by UVA. My pictures don't do it justice; my camera is rubbish in low light and I had to focus manually - in the dark! Impossible. Best thing for it is to head down yourselves and check it out. Or I'll go back once I get my hands on a better camera and I'll have another go :)


What the 4-year old saw

Oomoo quite regularly asks me if he can take some pictures, and this was the first time he asked if he could at an exhibition. At one point I had to take the camera off him as he was too busy clicking away and not taking part in what was going on around him (sounds familiar…). I like how some of these are abstract; it was quite dark in there, and I haven't yet taught him the hold-your-exhale-as-you-take-a-picture technique (I'll save that one for when he's much older!). I look forward to going out on camera walks with him in the future. Have a great weekend people!



The place we spent the longest in at the Sensing Spaces exhibition was in Diébédo Francis Kéré's room, where visitors were encouraged to add colourful plastic straws to the originally white structure. As you can see some people took it very seriously!


Space sensing

Went to see the Sensing Spaces exhibition at the Royal Academy last weekend. It's very child friendly so we went with some friends and their two girls, and enjoyed walking/running/making things. More pix to come - including a post with just Oomoo's pictures from it (he's really snap happy that boy - I wonder where he gets that from?!).